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Pets Cold


Are your pets cold? Is your pet sitter cold? You may not want them to feel like they have been left out in the snow. As a pet sitter I have found that many people turn off the heat when they leave on their cold weather vacation.  It is amazing how fast the temperature drops in your home.  Sometimes it is so cold water pipes freeze and the pets are freezing too!  Spark Energy recommends:  When you’re away at work or know you’ll be gone for a while, decrease your thermostat temperature to around 58 degrees.  Are your pets cold? …

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Prevention of Lost or Missing Pets


Take some preventative measures! To help if  your pet (Dog or Cat) ends up missing or lost.    The following suggestions for the Prevention of Lost or Missing Pets can save you, your pet sitter and your pet from a broken heart. For you, your pet sitter and your pets sake make sure your pet wears some form of identification. You might want to permanently identify him by having him tattooed or having a special microchip identification device implanted underneath his skin. Your pet is then automatically registered with an identification service. Information on Microchip  Information on Tattoos Information on Pet ID …

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