House Calls 4 Pet Sitting

House Calls For the Best Pet Sitters


We are Insured, Bonded and Licensed with years and years of dependable service. Pets are happiest at Home with their loving pet sitter. Show your love for your pet! Call House Calls for the Best Pet Sitters.  It’s a healthier choice 4 your pets!

The typical House Calls Professional Pet Services:

  • Feeding and fresh water for the pet(s).
  • Spending time playing with and/or exercising the pets (Dog Walk).
  • Scooping the yard and/or litter box.
  • Bring in and setting out the trash cans.
  • Lots of love and attention for the pets before leaving.
  • A security check around the house before locking up.
  • We will bring in the newspaper & mail on our way to care for your pet(s).

Meet the Owner

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Simply the BEST Pet Sitters: Personally Owned and Operated in Your Neighborhood


35 Plus Years offering Pet Care in California. Pet's are happiest at Home. House Calls 4 Pet Sitting Services offers loving at home pet care. Call and meet with your personal pet sitter near you.

When you are not around with your dogs and cats, they prefer their own surroundings. They prefer eating on their own in their own dishes, sleep in their own bed, and wait for you to return looking out their favorite window. Pet-Sitting is Healthier Choice 4 Your Pets! Contact House Calls Concierge services for your Cat Sitting and dog sitting needs.
Having a pet sitter in your house will give your house a lived in look even after you’ve left your home. One of our professional pet sitters will switch on the lights, water the plants, bring in the mail, and open and close doors and curtains so that you’re pets feel they are not alone. During our daily visits, we also make sure their belongings are safe.
Your pets crave for their daily ‘fun’ activities – a walk in the park and some play time. If no one is around for your dog care needs, they could easily feel lonely and become depressed. That is why HOUSE CALLS offer mid-day dog walking service too. If you have a long and busy day, mid-day dog walking is an excellent option for your cats and dogs.
In addition to pet sitting, dog sitting and dog-walking services, HOUSE CALLS PET SITTING services clean-up accidents, administer medication, refill food and water. We make sure that your pooch is comfortable with a new person during the day, which will make you feel as ease knowing that you have not been rushed or worry if your pet would ‘make through’ the day.
Have a difficult pet that needs care and attention? We have handled them ALL. Often times, pets feel less aggressive when the owner is not around. Our professional pet sitter will get acquainted with your dogs/cats before you go away so that they feel comfortable being with a new person.