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Traveling Tips for your Pet

Traveling With your pets tipsTraveling?

Before you hit the trails with your pet, follow these hints:

Bring a leash

Tag your pet–include up-to-date ID and a license

Protect your dog from fleas and ticks

Take plenty of water for both you and your pet

Avoid overgrown fields or grassy areas where foxtails grow

Talk to your vet about heartworm protection

Take it easy–keep in mind your dog’s health and age


101 Great Travel Tips

Don’t leave home without it:

·        Current passport, driver’s license

·        Flashlight and batteries and a mini flashlight for your purse

·        Umbrella (provides shade on sunny days, protection on wet days)

·        One or more bottles of water

·        Portable pocket size rain poncho

·        Bathing suit, not just for beach destinations (use for jacuzzi, sauna, steam room)

·        Duct tape to seal packages, overstuffed suitcases, etc.

·        Health insurance card and information

·        Important phone numbers and addresses of family/friends

·        Internet addresses for family/friends

·        Necessary medication in the ORIGINAL container

·        Extra Ziploc plastic bags for souvenirs (sea shells, etc.)

·        Band-Aids and antiseptic ointment for cuts, blisters, insect bites

·        Business cards for the new friends and acquaintances you’ll make

·        Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses

·        Cough drops or mints to minimize a dry throat on long flights

·        A sweater or light wrap for chilly flights or unexpected cool weather

·        A deck of playing cards (to pass the time and make new friends)

·        Extra small collapsible bag with zipper to carry home extras or souvenirs

·        Sturdy lightweight suitcase with good wheels; tie colorful fabric, yarn or luggage tags to simplify identification of your luggage at baggage claim

·        Portable alarm clock with fresh batteries, (hotel wake up calls sometimes fail)

·        Small notebook and colorful pens for a handy travel journal and expense info

·        Chewable Pepto-Bismol tablets in your pocket or purse

·        Sturdy handbag with a long strap to wear cross-wise over your shoulder, wear with the zipper or purse flap facing your body

·        First Aid kit with essentials (aspirin, Dramamine, decongestant, personal needs, etc.)


Turn your hotel room into a home and bring:

·        Pictures of loved ones

·        Favorite CD’s and Walkman if your hotel does not have a CD player

·        Bubble bath, bath salts

·        Tea light or votive candles and appropriate heat proof holder

·        Favorite cuddly pj’s and fuzzy slippers

·        Favorite massage oil and the lotions/potions you don’t have time for at home

·        Favorite tea or flavored coffee (use in-room coffee pot for hot water)

·        A magazine or book you haven’t had a chance to finish

·        Leave the TV on and hang the do not disturb sign when leaving the room at night

·        Be familiar with the fire and emergency exits for your hotel

·        Before bedtime hang the do not disturb sign, double lock and latch the door

·        Most hotels have a blow dryer, double check and leave yours at home


Making the most of your travel time:

·        Check-in for ALL domestic flights (within the continental U.S. ) at least 60 to 90 minutes before departure

·        Check in for ALL international flights at least two to three hours before departure

·        Allow plenty of time for connecting flights and weather prone destinations (i.e., East Coast winter)

·        Bring a project (crocheting, long overdue letters, reading)

·        Bring a snack and enough water to last several hours

·        Avoid heavy meals and alcohol on your flights; drink plenty of water instead

·        Be prepared: airline tickets, driver’s license, passport and travel vouchers

·        Check before leaving home for the latest weather conditions

·        Purchase travel insurance for every major trip purchase

·        Bring earplugs and eyeshades for long flights to ensure you get some rest

·        Try “No Jet Lag” from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods to minimize the effects of jet lag on flights over 3 or more time zones

·        Bring a guide book or maps of your destination to ease transition and make the most of your vacation; or make your own from the Internet including hot spots for dining and entertainment

·        Carry a small notebook/journal to take notes of your activities, expenditures, people you meet and creative inspirations


Saving time and $$:

·        Find out if your hotel or cruise ship has a self-service laundry (i.e., $3/load vs. $3 + per item); if YES, bring Ziploc baggies with detergent or small bottles of Woolite

·        Bring plenty of film, digital disks or cards, videotape, batteries and an underwater camera (if snorkeling); don’t forget the battery recharger!

·        Using the Internet in port or in town is usually less expensive than the ship or hotel

·        Bring a pre-paid calling card or cell phone and recharger for long distance calls

·        Travel to popular destinations off season: saving $ and time

·        Plan ahead, reservations can be made up to one year or more in advance with only a small deposit of $100 to $250 per person to hold your space

·        Use travel size products or containers that are almost finished (leaves more room for souvenirs)

·        Email your family and friends instead of making costly long distance telephone calls

·        Consider a Park N Fly program (pay for one night hotel and park your car free for up to 14 days) instead of a costly shuttle or airport parking

·        Sign up for airline frequent flyer programs for each traveler when flying, you could eventually earn a free ticket or receive discount offers

·        Always keep a portable make-up/toiletry bag stocked and ready for last minute trips

·        STOP and think before purchasing cutesy souvenirs, how long will it be before it ends up broken, abandoned, donated or thrown away… good quality souvenir (artwork, good jewelry, etc.) is worth dozens of cheap items



Saving your sanity (and your heath)!:

·        Before signing any contracts (car rentals, purchase agreements) read the fine print

·        Take a minute to walk around your rental car (to check for pre-existing damage) before driving off the lot

·        Bring comfortable shoes, this is not the time to break in a new pair

·        Stretch your arms and legs every couple of hours during your flight

·        Bring your doctor’s telephone number with you in case of an emergency

·        Bring a copy of your eyeglass or contact prescription, Doctor’s contact info

·        Use luggage tags inside and outside of every bag including carryon and purse; use your office address or P.O. Box for security, NOT your home address

·        Pack LIGHT, use mix/match colors, keep it simple

·        Leave the “real” jewels at home, use costume jewelry and a simple wedding band

·        Check your luggage at the counter to avoid security screening hassles

·        Purchase small denominations ($20, $50) when using travelers checks as some countries require you to convert them into local currency

·        Notify your bank (ATM) and charge card issuers (VI, MC, AX, DS) when traveling outside the U.S. ; unusual activity can put a hold on your card

·        Bring a second credit or ATM card in case of problems with your primary card

·        Copy the first two pages of your passport and make a copy of your driver’s license and credit cards in the event of loss or theft to speed replacement of these important documents; NOTE: keep copies in a separate place, also leave a copy with a friend, relative or travel agent

·        Use a Ziploc bag to hold all receipts for your trip (easier credit card reconciliation)

·        ALWAYS use a credit card for travel purchases, this protects you in the event of airline, cruise or tour bankruptcy; refunds are RARE for cash/check payments

·        Pack shampoos, lotions, hairspray, nail polish, etc. in Ziploc plastic bags to minimize the mess if they explode or leak due to cabin pressure

·        Use your hotel safe for $$ airline tickets, traveler’s checks, home/car keys

·        Use perfumed lotion instead of bringing large, bulky or breakable expensive perfume bottles

·        Use a free internet email address (hotmail, yahoo) while traveling for easy access and connections around the world

·        Reconfirm your flight times several days in advance, the day before departure and again before leaving for the airport; if you have made your own reservations, reconfirm the hotel and car rental at least one week in advance

·        Make sure the airline knows your home and destination phone numbers in case of schedule changes or flight cancellations

·        Bring ALL confirmation numbers for airline, hotel, car rental, etc.

·        Pack any questionable items (tweezers, small scissors, etc.) in your CHECKED luggage, NOT your CARRY-ON, see TSA (Transportation Security Administration) for the latest restrictions

·        Wash your hands frequently and use a hand sanitizer when you can’t get to a sink

·        Confirm electrical voltage at your destination and bring a converter if necessary

·        Only bring the keys you actually need with you (car, home), leave others at home


Keeping your home safe while you travel:

·        Put a temporary stop on mail and newspaper delivery

·        Use timers on lamps and radios (to make it look like you are home)

·        Have a friend or neighbor stop by every few days to check on your home

·        Use your office address instead of your home address on luggage tags        

·        Check with your local police department if you will be gone more than a week for possible patrol of your neighborhood


Traveling with kids:

·              Bring birth certificates for all children (notarized copies are fine)

·              Children over 12 should bring their school ID and birth certificates

·              International travel requires passports for ALL passengers

·              Be aware that raveling to some international destinations with only one parent may require a notarized authorization from the other parent OR notarized proof of sole custody papers

·              Bring records of allergies, immunizations, Doctor’s contact info, insurance card

·              Babies and younger children require a car seat even on vacation, plan ahead by reserving one with the car rental/transfer company or bring your own

·              Children over age 2 require their own paid airline ticket for flights

·              Children with paid tickets can earn their own frequent flyer rewards

·              Bring your child’s favorite snack, toy, book and blankie to minimize the stress of an unfamiliar environment

·              Some hotels offer a discount for a second room for children

·              Bring medication in the original container and the doctor’s emergency contact information

·              Pack activity kits appropriate for each child’s age and don’t bring them out until absolutely necessary; can include crayons, paper, dolls, toys, personal walkman with age appropriate music, new Game Boy cartridges


Helpful web sites:


·     (searches web sites for prices/schedules)

·     (hotel info: Hawaii , Caribbean , South Pacific)

·     (hotel info: Hawaii , Caribbean , Mexico ,Europe , Costa Rica , Florida )


The pitfalls of booking travel online:

·              Often requires instant purchase, non-refundable (NO buyer’s remorse allowed)

·              Online prices do not always reflect discounts or savings

·              Travel insurance is usually not included or an option

·              Changes are generally not allowed or require high change fees


The pros of researching travel online:

·              You can find almost all of the information you need 24 hours/day

Happy Travels,

Debbie June Rickman Laughlin

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We moved to a new house so we lost our precious friend who babysitted our boy for 8 years. It was hard to even think about any vacation because it meant we had to find the best babysitter for Leonardo. My friend highly recommended Lisa Burks and her company House Calls 4 Pet.  Just talking to Lisa first... More

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