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DIY Tips for Keeping Your Pet Cleaned or Groomed

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DIY Tips for Keeping Your Pet Cleaned or Groomed


Have you ever watched your dog/cat roll on the ground, lick its tail or fur? It’s trying to keep itself clean. But sometimes, they will also need an EXTRA help from you to keep itself cleaned and groomed.

They might not be comfortable getting touched or handled at first and you need to make it a habit of petting her sensitive parts such as ears, belly, back, feet and tail before she feels at ease with you.

Once your dog or cat is comfortable with your touch, here’s how you can give your pet a treat by proper grooming.

#1: Regular Brushing

Regular grooming with a comb or a brush will not only keep your pet’s hair in good condition, but it also removes dirt, prevents tangles, keep their skin clean, and spread natural oils throughout their coat.

Remember, some dogs have short and smooth coat (Basset Hound, Chihuahua and Boxer). You just need to brush them once a week.

On the other hand, other dog has a long coat (like that of a Yorkshire terrier), and they’ll need regular grooming.

Use bristle brush to comb her coat. Use slicker brush to remove tangles. Long-haired dogs that have coat like a Afghan hound or a Collie needs their fur trimmed and combed around the hocks and feet.

#2: Bathing Your Pet Every 3 Months

The ASPCA recommends that your dog need bathing every 3 months. However during the summer season, your pet may require frequent baths, especially if she spend a lot of time outdoors.

Do not use hard shampoo that could damage her fur. Instead use mild shampoo.

Follow these simple steps to bath your pet:

  1. First, brush their hair to remove all mats and dead hair.
  2. Bath them in a lukewarm water. Place a rubber mat in the bathtub to make sure their foot is secure and safe.
  3. Wet your pet using a spray hose. Do not directly spray in their eyes, nose, and ears. Use a plastic cup or a pitcher if you do not have a spray hose.
  4. Shampoo her gently from head to tail.
  5. Thoroughly rinse their fur with a spray hose or a plastic cup; again avoid eyes, nose, and ears.
  6. Check for foul orders and excessive debris collection in their ears; do not insert a cleansing solution directly into her ear canal.
  7. Dry them with a blow dryer or a large towel.

#3: Nail Trimming

Watch out next time you try to trim your pet’s toe nail. They may not like it. The sensation feels foreign to them, especially they are not used to being touched at their feet.

So make sure to rub your hand up and down their leg. Gently touch each individual toe. As you do this, give her a lots of praise and food treats.

Remember every pet is different. But if you give them a daily foot massage once or twice a week, chances are that within a week they’ll be better able to cope up with the trim.

Here’s how you can trim your dog nails:

  1. Spread out your dog’s feet to look for dirt.
  2. Use sharp nail clippers to cut the tip of each of her nail.
  3. Make sure to avoid the ‘quick’ – a vein that runs into the nail. For black nails, you need to be extra careful because the quick will not be clearly visible.
  4. Once you have cut the nails, use an emery board to smooth out rough edges.

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I am looking forward to reading your post with your DIY tips for keeping your pet cleaned or groomed.



By: Debbie June Rickman Laughlin


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