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What’s safe and what’s not safe for your dog to eat.

Today I am sharing Great info-graphic, “What’s safe (and what’s not!) for your dog to eat” by Dogington Post.

Protecting and loving our dogs is very important. It is important not to let those big puppy eyes turn into to sad and sick  puppy eyes.

So let’s do some research on what dogs can and can’t eat before we feed them human food.

We all should eat good healthy foods and eat a wide variety of them. Dogs should have the same good foods as people, fresh and whenever possible, organic. They will have much longer lives and not succumb to illness as long as we avoid the foods which are toxic, including sugar, (which is bad for people and animals).

What’s safe and what’s not safe for your dog to eat.

Thanksgiving Day Foods That Can Kill Your Dog

It is actually amazing that so many common foods have chemicals and components in them that make them almost poisonous to dogs!

Wow, avocado tops the list with something called persin that can cause such severe symptoms. The avocado is something that you think is so harmless and healthy, yet for dog’s body it’s the complete opposite. Dogs can behave so much like humans that it can be hard for people to realize that their bodies are really not the same as ours.

.I recently learned that grapes, raisins, and currants are toxic (level: moderate to severe) to your dog too. When in doubt, you can always call Animal Poison control 1-888-426-4435 or make a call/visit to your vet 🙂 Please, share  comment and add any additional information that can help safe our dogs from becoming ill or passing away after eating

This article “What foods are toxic” really brings that point home and it really shows how different their bodies are. If we truly love them we will make will sure to give them healthy food that their bodies can digest.  I recommend reading all the comments. “What foods are toxic for Dogs?”

Here is a wonderful slide show: “Dangerous Food That Dogs Should Never Eat.”

As the holidays approach be sure to read: “Pets and Holiday Safety.”

I am looking forward to your comments!

Please share for pets sake!  Thank you Debbie June Rickman Laughlin
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