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cat tricks easy

Cat Tricks


Cat Tricks (Almost) Anyone Can Teach Their Cat!   3 Tricks To Teach Your Cat With a Clicker Everyone knows cats are independent — and, for the most part, unconcerned with what the people in their lives want them to do. The word “untrainable” comes to mind. But with an easy-to-learn technique called clicker training, …

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Make Dog Jerky Treats


Let’s Make Dog Jerky Treats Have you thought about making your own dog jerky?  Do you find it scary to buy commercial dog treats with all the recalls?  Do you waste time agonizing over which store bought treats are safe?  Below is one of my pet’s favorites I found at Dog Treat Kitchen.  Give it …

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Pets Cold how to prevent

Pets Cold


Are your pets cold? Is your pet sitter cold? You may not want them to feel like they have been left out in the snow. As a pet sitter I have found that many people turn off the heat when they leave on their cold weather vacation.  It is amazing how fast the temperature drops in …

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Pet be cool

Pet Be Cool on Pet Sitter Watch


Help Your Pet Be Cool This Summer Your pets need to stay cool while you are away and your pet sitter is watching them too! It’s great to enjoy summer with your pet. It is also a time when we travel on vacations and your favorite pet sitter is coming to your home to care …

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Beware of Poisonous Plants and Pets!


  Poisonous Plants and Pets The following list represents the most commonly kept potentially hazardous plants, but in no way is complete:  Plants Potentially Poisonous to Pets Some of the common plants which may produce a toxic reaction in animals are listed below with links to additional information. . This list is intended only as …

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Pet Owners Plan For Pet Sitters

Pet Owners Plan For Pet Sitters


Pet Owners Plan for Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers Before leaving for your trip, it is best to equip your sitter with what she needs to know. This will help her perform her tasks better and make things easier. First and foremost, it is a good idea to have a meet-and-greet session where your pet …

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