House Calls 4 Pet Sitting


Pet Be Cool on Pet Sitter Watch


Help Your Pet Be Cool This Summer Your pets need to stay cool while you are away and your pet sitter is watching them too! It’s great to enjoy summer with your pet. It is also a time when we travel on vacations and your favorite pet sitter is coming to your home to care for your beloved pets.  This is the greatest time when your pets have the greatest risk of injury due to heat-related health problems. As a pet sitter I find that sometimes people turn off everything and lock up tightly before leaving with Fido in …

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How to make a special dog party. Cat too!


Are you going to throw your pet a birthday party? Tips to help make the day as special as your pet:  Dog party or cat party Safety  1- First Party time is not the best time to introduce unfamiliar pets to your own. Try to make your Pet guest list consist of those with whom your Pet is familiar. 2- Consider your party location and remember to invite only as many Pets and people that can realistically and comfortably co-exist. Inviting small children can be an additional concern—if you’re going to do it, make sure they know how to …

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