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Family Pet Loss Grief Help


Family pet loss grief help The loss of a  family pet affects our emotions and these feelings usually progress through several stages of grief. Recognizing them can help us cope with the family pet loss grief we feel. My Griffey who left us way too early! And now we lay you down to sleep You’re finally at rest Our love for you we’ll always keep You were the very best You gave us joy for all those years A memory for each new day Then came the day of all my fears The day you passed away A part …

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Beloved Pet Poem, May I go Now?


I never thought about all the pets I would be saying good-bye to when I contemplated starting my pet sitting company.  This month has been one where the owners of many pets I know had to come to terms with saying, Good Bye to a beloved friend.  This is never an easy decision, and it always breaks another piece of your heart.  I found a poem “Beloved Pet Poem” by an unknown author from our beloved pet perspective asking, “May I go now”, that touched my heart:  Beloved Pet Poem: “May I go now?” May I go now? Do …

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My Heart Will Go On


My Heart Will Go On the Rainbow Bridge     Pet Sitter: As a pet sitter over the years I have felt the loss of so many pets that have touched my life. Pet sitting, we are blessed by pet owners to care for their fur and feathered babies while they are unable to.  The blessings keep coming as we get to know the unconditional love of so many wonderful pets.  I found a poem I want to share that touched my heart.  See, today is one of those sad days.  RIP to our big sweet Turner.  Vicki your loving heartbroken pet sitter shared that you had crossed Rainbows Bridge… We know you …

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Heart Expansion After Pet Loss


 My story of my Heart Expansion After Pet Loss After the loss of my beloved Griffey, the Pekinese at 3 years I thought my heart could not take the loss of another pet and decided no more dogs.  My husband and friend since I was seventeen, who knew me better than I did myself during my grief, came home one day with the cutest little Pekinese puppy.  When I first laid eyes on her I wanted to put a wall around me.  She had Griffey’s coloring, only her little face had a larger black mass.  You could hardly see her dark eyes for …

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