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Valentine Healthy Recipes for Your Dog


Be My Valentine Recipes to show your love! Valentine Healthy Recipes for Your Dog:  Yummy to the Tummy! Biscuits, Bark-tastic  Cake, Pet Party Coolers, Healthy Veggie Bones, Look’n Lean Liver Treats, Banana Mutt Cookie If your Pet has a pre-existing medical condition, consult your  veterinarian before adding a new food to his or her diet.  Biscuits Try this recipe for Good Puppy Cookies—your pooch will love you for these! Ingredients: ½ c powdered milk 1 egg – well beaten 2 ½ cups flour ½ tsp. garlic salt 1 ½ tsp. brown sugar 6 Tbs. gravy 1 large jar baby food …

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