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To Strap or Not to Strap Your Pet? Why Strapping is the Better Answer for Safe Pets

Responsible pet ownership means being able to keep your pets not only in tip top shape, but safe as well – no matter where you choose to go and how you choose to get to your destination! Leashes and body straps are great for when you walk your pets, but what about when you get into your car and need to go somewhere further?

In the movies, you’ll see dogs hanging their heads out of the window with their tongues happily dangling from their mouths. While it is true that dogs revel in the feeling of the wind on their faces, you ought to consider strapping them onto their seats to curb their excitement. Think of what may happen when your furry companion suddenly sees something outside the vehicle that he might want to chase after – you can save yourself from the trouble of such situations by strapping your pets in the car.

One thing you also ought to keep in mind is how your pet dog might be in danger of getting eye infections when you just allow him to hang his head out of your car window. You never know what debris may get into your pet’s eyes, and these may lead to serious pet health concerns. When you strap them onto their seats, you can keep your windows closed or help reduce the risks of getting eye injuries by having the windshield protect them as well.

Dogs in particular get pretty much excited over every new experience, and once they are comfortable inside a car’s environment, you can expect them to go around. This poses a danger not only to your pet but to you and the other passengers as well. You can’t focus on your driving if you know that your pet is running or jumping up and down the back seat. What’s worse is that the simple act of braking your car to stop may pose a danger to both you and your pet when he is caught unaware.

Reduce the risks of pet as well as driver and passenger injury by securely strapping in your pets to their seats. This way, you get to keep a better eye on them and at the same time, you can rest easy that when you hit the brakes, your pet won’t slam himself onto a seat or any other part of your car and get hurt. By strapping your pet in his own space in the car, you also protect yourself as well as other passengers from the risks of getting unintentionally hit by your pet’s body when you have to brake or when he runs all over the place.

“Driver’s Safety: In an accident, an unrestrained pet is dangerous to everyone in the car. A 60-pound dog/Golden Retriever becomes a projectile of 2,700 pounds at just 35 mph. A flying projectile like a dog can hit you, a windshield, or another passenger. Pets can also impact the movements of first responders.”

More Tips for safer traveling with your pet by car:

The great news is that today, you can find a lot of creative ways on how you can keep your pet safely and comfortably strapped onto his special place in the car. Keeping your pet comfortable with quality straps or pet seats can make him feel more at ease and the act of keeping him securely strapped inside the car can keep both you and your pet safe from potential injuries.

The best restraint system for your pet depends on its size an­d breed, as well as the size of your vehicle. There are many options from which to choose. Following are some general tips:


  • Cats and some small dogs travel best in a carrier. They feel safer and can’t run around inside the vehicle. You should use a seat belt to secure the carrier.
  • If you need to use a crate for your larger pet, make sure it is well secured and cushioned. In the event of an accident, the animal can slam against the sides of the crate.
  • The safest way to secure your dog in the car is through a restraint system. You can purchase a harness that attaches to your regular seat belts, or straps that attach to the ceiling of the car.
  • Choose restraints that offer your pet some mobility — the animal should be able to move and turn in the seat.

What type of restraint will you use to secure your pet?


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