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Cat Tricks (Almost) Anyone Can Teach Their Cat!

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3 Tricks To Teach Your Cat With a Clicker

Everyone knows cats are independent — and, for the most part, unconcerned with what the people in their lives want them to do. The word “untrainable” comes to mind.

But with an easy-to-learn technique called clicker training, your cat can learn to listen to you — and do tricks. It’s great fun for both you and your cat. And the training can strengthen the loving bond between you. Plus, the exercise training provides the mind and body of your cat can make him healthier, too, especially if he’s a bored indoor cat. Read how….

Unleash Your Cat’s Potential: Try Trick Training!

Train a Cat? Can You Really do That? Of Course You Can!

You may not envision stardom for your cat, but you can still teach your cat a few tricks and impress your friends and family. Tricks like sit, high-five, come, stay, and jump (on or over something) are relatively easy to teach. Training is fun and will strengthen the bond between you and your feline friend. Patience and a sense of humor are key. Anger and frustration have absolutely no place in training.  Read how….

Top 5 Funny Cat Tricks

To get your cat interested in doing a trick, tap into his own preferences: Some cats are vertically oriented, opting for leaps and climbs, while others like to stay closer to the ground. It also helps to know a little about training cats. Cats learn differently from dogs.  Dogs are more motivated by food, while cats are more motivated by play.   (That’s not to say a little treat won’t work.)  They also require more repetition of each trick, so you’ll need extra patience. However, if your cat cooperates, the results are highly satisfying. Here are five tricks to teach your cat.

1: Jump for Joy

2: Paws-ing to Shop

3: Hoop Dreams

4: Hurdle those Obstacles

5: Shaking Hands


Thank you Lisa and Lu !!!

We moved to a new house so we lost our precious friend who babysitted our boy for 8 years. It was hard to even think about any vacation because it meant we had to find the best babysitter for Leonardo. My friend highly recommended Lisa Burks and her company House Calls 4 Pet.  Just talking to Lisa first... More

Thank you Yuliana, for taking the time to share your experience with the care of your special boy while you were away!

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